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Live Publications offers print material conversion services for the web. We use our state of the art technology to convert print publications to high-end digital experience. This innovative technology allows our customers to reduce printing and distribution costs and increase market exposure by reaching the areas where it's hard to sell or distribute printed material. Our solutions are tailored according to market needs and customer requirements.

Live Publications adds a new dimension to the publishing world by bringing together state of the art technology and a professional, experienced team to create exceptional products and services taking publishing to the next level.

Delivering Every Where Now...

Live Publications was conceptualized to offer enriched digital publication solutions to publishers. We offer a wide array of solutions to enterprises and small businesses.
Please feel free to browse through our website to check out our cutting-edge solutions and learn how we are helping organizations increase their sales and profit.

We Digital Publish
Live Publications provides solutions to digitally publish:

Product BrochuresProduct Brochures
E-Annual Reports and Corporate DocumentsE-Annuals and Corporate Documents
Coupon Books and Product CatalogsCoupon Books & Product Catalogs
Personal or Professional Photo Albums
User ManualsUser Manuals

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